Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Recap

I couldn't let the year end without looking back on everything that happened this year and thinking about how much my life has changed. I found out I was pregnant November 28, 2008 but even though I had 2 home pregnancy tests show positive, I still didn't believe it...

January 5, 2009: This was probably the second biggest day of the year for me... it was the first day I saw Kaylee and was when the fact that I was pregnant finally hit me. When I saw this:

I remember thinking that's weird... that little thing is really inside of me?... then I thought, no...wait... this is just a recording of someone else's ultrasound (yes, ridiculous I know...)... but when I heard her heartbeat for the first time, it was probably the most exciting moment of the year. That might sound weird but that's when everything became real to me and since I don't remember the first time I saw Kaylee, I don't remember how I felt at that moment.

February: From what I can remember, February was pretty uneventful... I was pregnant but not completely uncomfortable... just counting down the days until August!

March 13, 2009: This was the day that we found out I was having a little baby girl! We had my ultrasound scheduled for early that morning... we stopped at Hardees on the way to the doctor's office for breakfast and I got a really big coke and drank the whole thing before the ultrasound hoping it would make Kaylee really active to make sure she would move around so that they could determine what we were having. We told the lady who was doing the ultrasound that we wanted her to write down whether we were having a boy or girl and put it in an envelope. I thought I had saw on the screen when the lady was trying to get a leg measurement that 'it' (Kaylee) was a girl but then after she had us look the other way while she checked, she called the baby a boy... so I wasn't sure what it was. I had thought that it would be a boy along with everyone else except for Daniel who kept saying we would have a little girl.

We were going to wait until we went out to eat for lunch to open the envelope but couldn't wait and ended up opening it as soon as we got home. Daniel & I both were excited to see that it was a baby girl but I still couldn't believe it... I actually got what I had always wanted (as soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew what I wanted to name the baby if it was a girl... we didn't come up with a boy's name until the night before we went for the ultrasound and even then I wasn't sure if I really liked the name).

April: I think this was the month when I really started having problems with my feet and ankles swelling up. Pretty much from April until after I had Kaylee I couldn't get my feet into any shoes and had to wear flip flops all the time. I was starting to get uncomfortable but was still hanging in there.

May: This was the month where I was starting to get bored with the pregnancy. Up until May I would look forward to reading a new week in my "Your Pregnancy: Week by Week" book. By 27 weeks, I didn't care... I was tired of counting the weeks and figured the less I payed attention to how many days I had left, the faster time would go. I had my glucose test this month as well...what fun that was...not! At least I managed to not throw up until the end of the day, hours after I had the test done.

At the end of the month I had my 3D/4D ultrasound done. It was neat to see Kaylee and be able to get a better idea of what she would look like. She still makes this face everyday:

June: June was one of my least favorite months. At the beginning of June Daniel was let go from the team at RCR and had to start looking for another job in the middle of the season. I was so scared because I wasn't sure how long he would be able to keep his job in the shop, how long it would take him to find a job somewhere else (if he even could), when they were going to cut his pay and if we would even have insurance when I had Kaylee. Luckily everything with that worked out great and he was able to find something else and we ended up having double insurance coverage when I went into the hospital to have Kaylee.

I also had to go to the emergency room in the middle of June due to contractions that kept coming every 5 minutes for almost a day (obviously they weren't too painful... uncomfortable... but not painful). Luckily my cervix hadn't changed much so everything was all good for me to go back home. At the end of June I was 34 weeks pregnant and MISERABLE... I remember several times laying on the couch crying because Kaylee would have her foot wedged in between my ribs and thinking I would never make it to August.

July: I was convinced this would be the month when I had Kaylee...HA! Yea right... she wasn't going anywhere! This month was no fun... a lot of swelling, a lot of being kicked by someone *ahem*, a lot of waiting and a lot of wondering... I took this picture the last day of July I believe...Holy crap I was huge! I didn't realize it at the time... though I did feel like a whale.

August 12, 2009: Well actually the whole labor thing started early in the morning on August 11th but someone didn't want to cooperate so it took a little while *read: 30 HOURS*... but finally on August 12th little Kaylee Ann was born!

I would've given anything to have been able to see her as soon as she was born, but I am so thankful that she was ok after everything that happened and I'm glad Daniel thought to take the camera in the operating room to get a picture of her. I really feel that having Kaylee has made me a better person and changed me in ways that I never thought possible. It's amazing how a little baby only a few months old can make you feel like the most important person in the world :)

September: We realized the beginning of September that Kaylee really had issues with her reflux. This was when we started the process of trying to find the right medicine for her. Looking back, I never would've thought that we would've been able to find a medicine that would work for her without side effects and that would allow her to be the happy baby that we knew she was but we finally figured it out at the end of November and things have been better since. It was also in September when Kaylee smiled at Daniel & I for the first time!
October: October was a fun month. We celebrated Kaylee's first Halloween by passing out candy to other kids in the neighborhood. She had a earache so we couldn't get her out to show off her cute little tigger costume but we made the best of it. I was also able to take Kaylee back home with me to see both sides of the family. I was so worried about flying with her by myself but she did great. I got very sick while we were in Tennessee with a 104 degree temperature so my mom drove me back to NC to meet Daniel half way to pick me up. Kaylee started talking a lot this month.
November: In November Kaylee learned how to pick things up and really started playing with her toys. Daniel was let go from his job and also had to have surgery this month but even though it has caused some struggles for us, it has been nice to have him home with Kaylee and I and for him to get to spend more time with her while she is this little. My family came up for Thanksgiving and it was nice to have everyone here and for Kaylee to be able to spend time with them as well. December: This past month has been fun but stressful. With not knowing what is going to happen with Daniel's job search it's hard to enjoy things. Kaylee turned 4 months old earlier this month and she is changing everyday. She is still having problems with getting choked but is still better than she was a couple of months ago. In the middle of December we were able to go to Gatlinburg for my grandma's birthday. I guess you could call it our first family vacation! Later in the month was our first Christmas together! We were able to go home and see both sides of the family which is very important to me for Kaylee's sake. She has really been enjoying all of her new toys that she has to play with! She is starting to laugh at us when we do something funny which is just the cutest thing! All-in-all 2009 has been a great year for me. I look forward to what 2010 brings!

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