Saturday, December 12, 2009

4 Months

Baby Boo,

You are 4 months old today and I can't believe it. This past month has went by so fast and I also think you have changed more this past month than you have in the last 3. Right after you turned 3 months old you started picking up your toys and playing with them. It is so great to see your face light up and see how happy you are when you are playing with your toys! I bought you a seahorse that plays music and glows and you love it! This week we went to Gatlinburg for your great grandma's 75th birthday and you kept doing the silliest thing with your seahorse... as we moved it closer to your face you would open your mouth up as much as you could and shake your head and then try to bite its nose! You kept looking at daddy and I to make sure we were watching and then after you would bite the sea horse's nose you would look at us and laugh!

You have been doing better with your reflux since we switched your meds. It is so nice now not having to make you wait 30 minutes to eat after you take your meds... plus you love the taste of the medicine! It tasted really bad on its own but I mix it with berry flavored Tums and you love it! You pretty much outgrew your car seat this month so we had to get you a bigger one. The weight limit was 30 pounds on the seat but you just seemed so scrunched up in it that it didn't seem comfortable.

Thanksgiving day we started you on solid food and you have done great with that. You will always open up your mouth so that the food doesn't get everywhere. You have liked everything we have fed you except for peas. Last night while we were in Gatlinburg we went to the Dixie Stampede. You did great and sat in grandma's, daddy's and my lap and watched the horses and all of the people who were dressed up. Your grandma took a piece of a biscuit and dipped it in vegetable cream soup and you loved it. She also dipped your pacifier in the soup and you wouldn't spit your pacifier out!

I think one of the biggest things that have changed over this past month is your head control. You have gotten so much better at holding your head up and can now sit in your Bumbo chair without me having to support your head and neck. You are finally pushing up a little bit with your arms when I lay you on your stomach. You do the best holding your head up when I lay you on my stomach because you lift your head all the way up to look at me and smile!

Right after Thanksgiving you also started teething. You have been extra fussy at times and we are going through so much Oragel and Tylenol trying to keep you comfortable. I will be glad when your teeth come in so you wont be in pain but I know I will miss your toothless smile.

I don't have your 4 month measurements just yet, you go next week for your 4 month checkup and shots and I'm excited to see how much you have grown... but at the same time it makes me sad knowing that you're growing so fast. I sit here and hold you sometimes just thinking I'll never get this time back. I know I will miss holding you and watching you stare up at me, I'll miss your little fingers holding onto mine and that big toothless smile. I feel like before I know it you will be all grown up and moving out of the house! But like I say every month, I want to make the best of the time I have now.

Your daddy and I love you more than anything baby girl and we are so lucky to have you!


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