Tuesday, December 29, 2009

daddys little monster

my little monster is not really that little anymore. here lately in the past few weeks i have been holding her up so that she can stand and her little legs were so weak that she would just collapse but now she just stands there as long as you hold her from falling forward or backwards. at only 4 months old she seems like she skipped a few months all at once. we had a good first Christmas with her but i think that poor little baby had all that she could take by Christmas day of our 4 day trip back to Tennessee. she did really good with all the different people that she got to see. she has been talking alot and sometimes if she is in a good mood she will just sit there and ramble on and on as long as she wants. its so cute but i just wish we had half a clue what she is saying. this afternoon she was laying on our bed watching her favorite afternoon tv show and i tried to eat her little hand when she swung it at me and apparently i scared her pretty good cause she gave me the saddest little look, she first looks up at you with her big blue eyes and then that little lower lip just rolls out and she stares at you for a second and then...she starts crying and it just makes you feel as bad as u can. i just know that face is gonna come out more often in the future, like when she wants something and daddy wont buy it....then the face will come out and the next thing you know she will have it, i wont be able to say no. as of now she has me wrapped around her little finger, wait i mean around all of her fingers and i cant wait to see what our family's future holds for us.

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