Saturday, December 12, 2009

Checkin out the tree...

So I finally got around to taking Kaylee's picture in front of the Christmas tree. I have been meaning to do it for the past week but she has just been so fussy since she is teething. It was great to see how excited she was the first time I put her right beside the tree... she just sat there and stared at it... I'm sure this time next year she will be trying to take the ornaments off or tear down the tree! So here are the adorable pictures I took!
Ok Kaylee really big for your first picture in front of the tree...
Ok... maybe not that big...
Much better!

She loved laying under the tree and staring at the lights!
And checking out the ornaments...
Daniel bought this cute little figurine for me to give to Kaylee... it's hard to see, but it says "Love You" on the bottom of the momma snowman...or would that be snowwoman?
I found this cute little ornament tree at Target. It's perfect because I like to have just our matching ornaments on the big tree plus I wanted our cute ones to stand out more!
This is the first time Kaylee held one of her presents...
And of course...she tried to open it! I had to pry the bow out of her hand to keep her from ripping it off!
And finally our stockings! Kaylee's grandma bought her first stocking and had her name embroidered on it!
So that's all of the Christmas-y pictures so far... I have been terrible here lately about keeping up with everything that I am wanting to blog about. I want Kaylee and I both to be able to look back at this blog years down the road and remember everything... which is why I stress so much about keeping up with this thing!

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  1. Awww! Little Kaylee looks so cute by the tree! I let Cameron touch our tree and he about pulled the darn thing over the other night. He has quite a grip! Lol!

    As for keeping up with your blog, I make lists about what I want to write about. Or I start a new post and just type in what I want to make it about and save it as a draft. Drafts are my BFF. ;)