Friday, November 27, 2009

little kaylee bug

my little kaylee bug is not so little after all, she seems like she is growing up to quick. she already seems to be ahead of her age by a couple of months. its like when did she grow so fast, i know it did not happen over night but it sure seems like she did. she keeps getting more cuute as every day goes by and every day it seems like she discovers something new. just the other day her little sounds she use to make got alot louder, i think she discovered that she can change the the tone of her cute little voice, but we still dont have any clue as to what she is saying but its so cute cause you dont know what kind of sound she will make next. i feel so bad for her, i dont know if its the fact that her voice has just got louder but when she cries now its horrible sounding and it seems as if she is just in so much pain or if she is just that much fussier, but we did find out today that she is starting to have a few teeth come in so it wont be to much longer that she will be a little snaggle toothed baby till they all come in. i cant wait for all that to happen, its not gonna be fun for any of us. just this week she got to have her first thanksgiving, she was a little fussy all day but once it was time for us to eat she calmed down while we all got to sit down and enjoy thanksgiving dinner, i think she was sitting there wanting to eat atleast one of everything. she has become quite the little pig, she has got a huge gut that is gonna take her forever to work off. here lately she has been picking up her little toys when we put her in her little chair and of course they are all directed straight to her mouth, she is gonna eat us out of everything i just know it. lol but that little baby girl no matter what she does every day she fills up a little piece of my heart and she gets wrapped around my finger more and more. im really going to enjoy playing with her and introducing her to all kinds of different things as she grows older.

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