Sunday, July 12, 2009

daddy to be....

this is my first post from the very excited soon to be daddy of little kaylee ann rankin. for the past months i have got to feel her very painful kicks, her little hiccups, and her little butt and feet pressed up against mommys stomach. i think i kinda make her and mommy mad cause i push on her and she moves away and tries to run from me and runs out of places to hide cause i keep following her around. i cant wait till she gets here, but then again she will probably remember all that and make it very hard on me, but oh well its gonna be worth every little moment to get to hold her and see her smile. i know she is gonna be a little daddys girl and she is gonna have me wrapped around her little tiny fingers. i just cant wait to see the look on mommys face when her first word is daddy, ill probably cry like a little baby myself:) she also loves it when i talk to her or then again she might not because of the way she tries to punch me through mommys belly, but i just want little kaylee to know i cant wait for her to come out so her and i can play together, and take her for motorcycle rides and so on. mandy said a few months ago her first word will be, weee, but i think it will be daddy. but for now, kaylee i love you and hope god brings you into our little world safe and soon, and that you take it easy on mommy as well. hugs and kisses, daddy.

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