Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally finished Kaylee's bathroom!!!

This is pretty much just a post full of pictures... we finally finished Kaylee's bathroom and after thinking I wouldn't like it when we first started, it actually turned out pretty good!
Looking into the bathroom from her bedroom...

Her bathroom closet full of bottles, toys and bathroom stuff... I've been putting a lot of stuff in here until I can figure out excatly where I want to put everything.
Her adorable little ladybug bathrobe :)
I found this wooden ladybug at Babies R Us when we were originally planning on doing all ladybug decorations.
The grasshopper painting was done on a ceiling tile!
Her cute little nightlight and bug painting that came all the way from Israel!
The design on the wall is a vinyl decal that I found on Etsy!
I'm so glad we finally got the bathroom finished... hopefully she will like it when she gets a little older... if not, she can redecorate it herself!

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