Saturday, July 25, 2009


It doesn't really make sense to me but I am actually excited about going into labor! Of course, I'm not excited about the pain that goes along with it but you hear of so many different birth stories... the ones where people's labor progresses quickly and the next thing they know they are holding their baby and then the ones where it's a slow process and it seems to drag on forever. I just wonder what mine will be... when will I realize what is happening... where will I be at... will I be one of those whose water breaks out in public like at the grocery store... will things progress quickly or will it take forever... will she come early/on time/or late... will I end up having to be induced...

All of these things are things that I sit and wonder about. It's like waiting for Christmas to open your present except there's no one I can bug to give me my present early!!! Even though it would be the most convenient option, I don't want to be induced early or go past my due date and end up having to be induced. I don't want Kaylee's birth to be planned or scheduled... I want it all to happen on it's own... this is one Christmas present(in August) that I'm willing to wait for!

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