Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Randomness of the 37th week...

It's official... all of my clothes are now too tight! Even the maternity shirts are having a hard time covering up my stomach. I feel huge... and even that is an understatement. The term 'seacow' comes to mind...
But even that picture doesn't accurately represent how I feel because in a way that thing looks kinda cute. For these last few weeks I'm pretty much in survival mode... which means staying inside the house as much as possible because getting out of my comfy sweatpants and getting dressed is just too hard! These past few days I've had random bursts of energy. Sunday I decided to get outside and mow the yard( with a riding lawnmower, not our pushmower) and then Daniel and I worked on filling the ditch out front in with dirt and spreading fertilizer and grass seed. It was nice to get out and get stuff done but by the end of the day I was miserable! My legs were so swollen that I couldn't get my jeans off! Needless to say yesterday all I did was sit on the couch and try to recover from the weekend.

This morning I woke up at 4:30am and could not go back to sleep. After laying in bed until 5:00 I gave up on going back to sleep and decided to get out of bed and have some strawberries for breakfast. I don't know why but I have been craving strawberries for the past few weeks. I actually went out today and bought another carton of them which makes my 3rd carton within the past week! After Daniel left for work I thought about getting back in bed because I felt physically tired but I still wasn't sleepy... the only thing I wanted to do was clean. So I managed to get our bathroom clean and did some laundry before getting back in bed and watching cartoons before going back to sleep.

I feel like I really need to get the house cleaned up and finish up a few things around the house so that I can honestly say I'm ready for Kaylee to be here. I'm ready to have her right now but at the same time I feel like I need to get things done before wishing she was here. As of today I only have 17 days left until my due date and I feel like after Friday I am going to be paranoid about her coming at anytime. Friday I'll be 38 weeks and there's just something about only having 2 weeks left that freaks me out! So it's back to cleaning for the rest of the day... I feel like I need to take advantage of the energy while I have it!

But first I'll do this survey thing...

How far along? 37 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: 33 pounds gained... still blaming it on the swelling!

Maternity clothes? Still wearing the same things that I mentioned in the last survey... but my favorite thing to wear is a t-shirt and my Victoria's Secret sweatpants... they are so comfortable!

Stretchmarks? The ones on my stomach are getting worse... they have moved up my stomach a little more and they still look terrible.

Sleep: I've actually slept a little better here lately...not sure why... but I'm not going to complain! The one bad thing about sleeping is when I get up every morning I dread having to move because my hips always pop all the way across at one time and it's the most uncomfortable feeling ever!

Best moment this week: I don't really know... it's only Tuesday...

Movement: I've noticed she isn't as constantly active anymore... but when she does move around she makes up for it... I wish I could catch my stomach moving around on video because it's actually pretty funny looking.

Food cravings: Like I said earlier...for some reason Strawberries!

Labor signs: Random contractions and sometimes a lot of pressure like she is pushing down... but I'm not getting my hopes up...

Belly button in or out? Still in...barely... but when she is in the center of my stomach(which hardly ever happens because for some reason she loves my right side) it's pretty much flat.

What I miss: NOT being pregnant! lol

What I'm looking forward to: NOT being pregnant...

Weekly wisdom: I've reassured myself that I never want to be pregnant again (are you noticing the trend here?)

Milestones: I reached full term last Friday!


  1. Girl, I am right there with you. This preggo thing is getting OLD! I was thinking back today about how we used to work at Ruby Tuesday's and stocking the salad bar! Good times.

  2. Ahh... Ruby Tuesday's... I could go for some chicken parmesan from there right now!

  3. I craved strawberries too! :) I am still buying them afterwards too!

    I convinced myself that I would NEVER EVER want to be pregnant again either, but now that Cam is here, I totally wanna do it all over again. Not now or anytime soon, but maybe in about 3 years. :)