Saturday, July 4, 2009

So I did a little shopping...

I think the nesting instinct is slowly kicking in... or at least some version of it. I still really don't have the energy to do anything and my pregnancy induced carpal tunnel is getting worse by the day which makes it even harder to do anything, but over the past 2 days I have been on somewhat of a shopping spree... it's the closest I can come to nesting. Along with all of the things I bought for Kaylee's bathroom, I've also bought several other things for her.

I have had the worst time trying to pick out a diaper bag that I like. I want something cute for her but I also wanted something I could use as a purse if I wanted to. I ended up with this bag... I plan on having Kaylee's initials monogrammed on it above the bow on the front.
Of course when your expecting your first baby and want to spend some money, where else is a better place to go than Babies R Us! I went in with a shopping list of things that I knew I needed to get for her before she comes home but got a little sidetracked... I saw the pink basket and thought it would be perfect to go beside her changing table for her dirty clothes. Of all the stuff I got I think my favorite (and most expensive) is the video monitor... I know this is something that we didn't absolutely have to have but I think it will be nice to have.
The last thing that I ordered was a "Woombie." I have heard some people mention how great these things are so I figured why not order one to try it. Supposedly it's a better alternative to swaddling with a blanket, especially for the stronger/more active babies which pretty much describes Kaylee. Hopefully this will help her sleep a little longer at night... the baby in this picture looks so comfortable!


  1. Where did you find the diaper bag? i've been looking all over for something like that. Can you email me the link?

    I'm 35 weeks today 7/13 and having c section 8/10...getting close.


  2. A woobie? such a cool name! does it work now that you've got kaylee?